The Village Townhouses at SUNY Oswego

Trowbridge Wolf Michaels was the landscape architect for a new DASNY-sponsored 350-bed townhouse development at SUNY Oswego.  The site design structures the townhouses along two pedestrian streets and frames a common green.  Critical to the design are maximizing the views to the Glimmerglass Lagoon while minimizing impacts to existing wetlands.  The pedestrian streets incorporate decorative pavers, plazas, and seating areas.  Decorative lighting, benches, bicycle racks, and landscaping are also included in the design as well as new site infrastructure for utilites, vehicular circulation, and parking for approximately 175 cars.

Townhouses with Lagoon
A view to the town houses across the Glimmerglass Lagoon.
Site Plan
TWMLA prepared the overall site plan, highlighting features such as the central village green, alignment of walkways, plazas, driveways, parking areas and stormwater features.



Walk Towards Tree
Village walkways were aligned to highlight existing landscape features, such as large existing trees.